The McKenzie Project aims to uplift Black transgender and nonbinary individuals ages 18 and up in the South Florida area, especially those who are experiencing homelessness and engaging in survival sex work.  Our goals are to live, learn and participate in building community  and centering spaces by and for Black and Brown transgender women and to promote entrepreneurship and innovation for us to become self-sufficient and flourish.



Jasmine McKenzie was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She is a Black transgender woman who is committed to changing the community by making sure other Black transgender and nonbinary people have a safe and amazing future and fighting for equity for her community. She currently working to build a drop in center that caters to the needs of Black transgender and nonbinary people in South Florida.  Ms. McKenzie is also a passionate and active member of the South Florida Ballroom community and serves as the Mother of The Iconic and Legendary House of Ebony and is the Co-Chair for 2021 Trans Pride Fort Lauderdale. In her spare time, Jasmine enjoys designing pageant wear, Avant Garde hair art, and in 2016 she established her own business, Color N Raw which is a black LGBTQ+ photography and modeling studio located in Dania Beach, Florida and is patronized by the Ballroom and Black South Florida community. Jasmine and her allies are also planning the 2022 Trans Games, an indoor/outdoor sporting event for Transgender and Nonbinary people from through the United States to come together under one roof to compete against one another.



Beauty and Cosmetics


Entrepreneur Courses


Name and Gender Marker change linkage

Passport linkage 

Birth certificate linkage

Our mission is to ensure the complete satisfaction and well-being of our ladies, to manufacture high performance cosmetics, and to promote innovation, maximum efficiency, competitiveness and social responsibility. This course is a non-judgemental zone and free to be who you desire to be space. We aim to be recognized as always trying to reach a compromise between one's beauty and well-being. Conceived to embrace transgender women in the South Florida and surrounding areas.

Giving the black transgender and nonbinary community the ability and readiness to develop, organize, create, innovative ways to start and run a business enterprise, as well as any uncertainties in order to make it profitable for them. We strive to teach different classes and course hands on by other black transgender and nonbinary community partners.  We commit to develop as an empowered, professional team through shared knowledge and communication. We encourage professionalism, seek team involvement and creativity, and respect others and their ideas. We strive to provide quality administrative support and to maintain high standards of excellence.

Advocating for equitable public policies affecting transgender women and the non-binary community. For equitable public policies, free legal assistance to Transgender Women and Non-Binary individuals.




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